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Kiwanis Aktion Clubs


Kiwanis Aktion Clubs are an International service organization sponsored by Kiwanis International.  Kiwanis Aktion Clubs are the only service clubs for adults with disabilities, with more than 11,000 members worldwide.

Aktion Clubs allow adults with disabilities to serve and give back to their community in valuable ways while providing a leadership growth experience for members.

Aktion Clubs provide not only the adults with disabilities an opportunity to grow providing advisors and affiliated Kiwanis members one of the most incredible experiences as they grow and learn from Aktion Club members.

Aktion Clubs draw members from various organizations that support individuals with disabilities, as well as other community programs.  A Kiwanis club, composed of like-minded, service-oriented people from the community, serves as the club’s sponsor.

In Ohio, Aktion Club is supported at the district (state) level and by Kiwanis International, providing programs, literature and opportunities for individuals with disabilities from countries worldwide.

Interested in starting an Aktion Club?  Email or call me and I will be happy to help you get things started.


Bob Hobart
Ohio Aktion Club Administrator
614-537-5631  ~  rhobart@lb.com

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